#Startup Go- Social Media to the Rescue

 I have had a long association with Startups and the mentality that goes along with it. Currently, as a Digital Marketing expert, I see that creature of four years ago as a naïve dreamer who could have benefitted immensely from what I know today. But I do respect the Startup Spirit- that unbridled, energetic outlook on situations that uses sheer willpower to negate anything negative. I am also wary of that feeling of being on the edge of a great discovery, the self-imposed gag against spilling the secrets about my ‘BIG’ idea. The Startup Spirit calls for that perfect product, that perfect moment before climbing the rooftops and shouting about your big product or service. But wait, is the world really gonna care? What if, you have delayed the launch to the extent that the product or service now lies redundant or worse- a mere replica of another marketed product?

blog Digital Marketing 101- If you have an idea, start talking about it today! If the initial budget doesn’t allow you to hire the professional services of a good Digital Marketing Company to setup your promotional infrastructure (website, branding etc), get online and start talking about your product on Social Media websites. Portals like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn allow you to connect with your potential target audience from the moment you have conceived the big idea, through the funding and startup stage, along product development, the market release and as a medium to generate and gather feedback. The stats say it all- 76 out of every 100 people have some type of Social Media presence, and are receptive to your BIG idea through this medium. It’s akin to plumpingup the fat goose before Christmas. That’s a figurative statement, of course.

Social Media allows you to keep things fresh. With silent yet powerful Digital Marketing techniques, you can introduce new facets of your products or services progressively without allowing your overall concept to get dated. Simple hooks like opinion polls, contests, changing design and catchy content updates can all serve to keep the interest alive and generate a fair buzz before your product or service is actually launched. In my previous startup, we managed to set the stage on fire for this unique ‘food discussion’ website that did nothing more than talk of food, great places to eat and popular experiences with food. 960 Facebook ‘Likes’, 300+ Twitter follow in a span of 7 days translated to a niche audience that was clamouring to talk of food when we would eventually release ten days later. See, there is a ready market- what remains to be done is to make some noise that will attract the right attention.

In conclusion, like the banner says, a Startup is a pretty confusing place. But, anything that drives you to make real change and contribute to the greater cause is always worth it. Embrace Digital Marketing; let Social Media be the Oracle that takes your ideas to the masses.


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