5 Quick Tips – Create Websites that Work

Getting a website for your Company is an essentially in this age of the Internet and Digital Marketing. A website serves as a powerful medium to propagate your marketing message, an open brochure that is available 24×7 and can be accessed from anywhere on Planet Earth. However, getting a ‘good’ website is an urban myth unless these considerations are taken care of,

Tip 1- If possible; opt for a Content Management System (CMS)

CMS or HTML editors are great help- allowing you to modify content and images on your website easily and without the assistance of a certified Developer. CMS is important for businesses that have a lot of fresh details to report, saving greatly on the gross maintenance costs of the website.

Tip 2- Things to Avoid: Flash, Frames, Dark Colours, Popups   

Including these things make your website confusing, not responsive to search bots from Google, Bing, Yahoo etc, and generally unpleasant as far as the User Experience is concerned. The central idea of creating a website is to make it equally appealing to ordinary website visitors as well as the specialist search bots from the various search engines.

Tip 3- Launch the Complete Website, or Abort!

Broken Links, improper backend coding, confusing navigation scheme, Signs that say that pages are ‘Under Construction’, slow loading time are major roadblocks that prevent your website visitors (aka potential customers) from actually committing to your product or service. These nags show your lack of preparedness or worse, lack of responsibility.

Website that works

Tip 4- Include Lots of frequently updated Content

The latest online adage goes, ‘Content is King’. Your website will attract all the right attention (from visitors as well as search engines) if it includes fresh, relevant content that is frequently updated. The idea is to establish yourself as a ‘subject matter expert’ that is reflected in terms of your content inputs, with the frequent updates showing your level of activity, seriousness and commitment.

Tip 5- Be Original

Being ‘Inspired’ is good; inspiration that leads to plagiarized content is a crime. In terms of the overall design, content and theme, be as original as possible. There are many tools available online that easily detect plagiarized or copied content and can lead the owner of the said content to you. The result could be a legal problem and the possibility of being blacklisted by major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. This effectively kills any business prospects from your website and will have to be pulled down immediately.

There you have it- five simple tips that help you create powerful websites. However, this is just a minor list and a whole lot more ideas can be implemented or checked to derive the maximum mileage out of your Company website. Hiring a good Digital Marketing Company will help you develop the best product in terms of your investment. Also, the next crucial step, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that allows your website to be picked up by search engines for specific keywords, is a task best performed by professionals. Like they say, ‘With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility’- you have the Power, use it responsibly.


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    nice explanation,everybody should know these .

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