Bait your Audience – How Humour can be your best Hook.

Human Psychology 101- An average individual responds better to funny messages than gravely intellectual content. Being a regular clown isn’t the idea- the suggestion is that you concoct marketing messages that are laced with the right dosage of humour. Your target audience will respond better to suggestions that will make them laugh.

Human Psychology

PS- Don’t be moved by the above suggestion, actual content is way more powerful than pie-charts. Except maybe, through a long meeting that extends into your lunch break.

Humour on Facebook and Twitter- Here is a test, just evaluate all the people you follow on Twitter. Also quantify all the pages that you like on Facebook. Apart from strictly personal reasons like Health, Family and Employment, most of these people and concepts appealed to you because they were Funny. They tickled you enough (through their content or presentation) that you decided to subscribe. Apply this same concept to your target audience base- identify, nurture and convert them into valid customers through relevant content that is funny and captivating.

Humour on Facebook and Twitter

Humour on Twitter

Select a Digital Marketing Company that laughs a lot- This is no joke. A Digital Marketing Company that pays attention to humour as part of its powerful presentation package is on the right track. People turn to a concept, a message to be inspired. A humorous approach ensures that even if the potential customers aren’t looking for your services or products, they will still remember your witty message. And maybe suggest your brand to someone who might have a requirement for your services or products. A good Digital Marketing Company laughs a lot, to stay relevant and followed.

Finally, a culture of humour is always appreciated. Do laugh, crack jokes…it’s good for business.


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1 Response to Bait your Audience – How Humour can be your best Hook.

  1. Prady says:

    Good article. Yay to Dilbert 🙂

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