The Beginners Guide to SEO

Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO is a very broad term isn’t it? Through the years, Digital Marketing Companies have told you how SEO is going to bring recognition to your business, is going to revive interest in your product or service by bringing in an online audience. Maybe, you were desperate or curious enough to indulge in this concept without understanding the process in its entirety. Herein is a brief introduction to SEO, for those that believe and those that are sceptical- SEO is no Rocket Science, or Voodoo, or magic, it’s just compressed strategy.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO takes time

Expect no short term results. A good Digital Marketing Company will invest atleast 6 months of time before showing any concrete results with regards to your company website’s Google, Bing or Yahoo ranking. So be patient, and contribute to the effort by actively promoting your website in your online communications and social media dealings.

It takes Skill to seduce Google

Google is the biggest search engine there has ever been- and figuring prominently in its search ranking for specific keywords could be very important for your business. However, Google has its own laws and expectations that are not always easy to match or comply with. So, it’s a good strategy to hire a good Digital Marketing Company to entice Google to rank you better.

Getting the Rank is half the Job

So, you finally rank on the first page of various search engines for the keywords of your choice. Don’t get complacent- these rankings need active maintenance or else other relevant websites will take your place on the listing. Identify all the things you need to do to keep your position- namely, keeping things fresh and complying with the frequent algorithm changes from Google.

Quality is the Buzz word

Organically, a website that posts great, original content will always find favor with Google. Thus, an upcoming website can just focus on developing catchy, relevant content that provides great value for the website visitors to establish itself in due course of time. Incidentally, SEO is a bunch of techniques as administered by a Digital Marketing Company that merely speeds up this process.

Finally, don’t procrastinate

Don’t delay what’s obviously good for your business. SEO helps elevate your business above your immediate competition. Everyone is doing it, but in different ways and under varied timelines since SEO is more innovative than being firm and inflexible. Know that your investment on SEO will generate the kind of response that is in tune with your inputs and expectations.

So why does your business need SEO? You need SEO because the world is online and this is your primary tool to catch your target customers’ attention. In business, interest equates to more business.


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