Facebook Graph Search- How is this gonna affect you?

Facebook is at it again. After the public relations debacle that was the reframing of the privacy policy of its latest acquisition- Instagram, the ‘Facebook Graph Search’ emerges to a sometimes sceptical, sometimes accepting response from its Beta testing range of hardened Facebook addicts. The iconic founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has already branded Graph Search as the ‘third pillar’ of Facebook after the reactive inclusion of the News Feed and Timeline earlier this year. Facebook hopes to stall the steady decline in User interest and involvement by introducing a concept that mimics Google search. So much for the corporate outlook- What’s in this for you?

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search is essentially a ‘wannabe’ Google Search killer (I did place wannabe under quotes) and was announced by Mark Zuckerberg on 15th January to be selectively phased out to its 845 million active users. That’s the key word- there is no escape from Graph Search and it will show up as a dominant yellow strip on top of your Facebook profile page soon. Graph Search is a revolutionary new way to search for information on Facebook and finds relevant data from across the website and not just limited to your network. For example, you might run a search like ‘My friends who like Sharukh Khan and live in Bangalore, India’ or you can even search ‘People who like Sharukh Khan and live in Bangalore, India’. See the onus on the user’s natural language- and how expansive the search can be conducted. Quite naturally, you will wonder about the underlying Privacy issues- will graph search turn Facebook into a free-for-all?

Traditionally, every tweak that Facebook has done with their algorithm has resulted in loud cries of Privacy invasion and the risk posed to your private data. With Graph Search, you just might want to tweak your privacy settings a bit more to avoid your data from appearing where it must not. Thankfully, these changes are simple and can save you the trouble of unnecessary rumination. In the forthcoming post I will discuss about the steps you can take to hold onto that cherished privacy amidst Facebook’s implementation of Graph Search.

I remember the time when Facebook launched its much debated ‘Timeline’ concept and how many felt threatened about all the skeletons that were likely to tumble out of their private closets. Nothing of that nature happened- Infact, Timeline has integrated itself perfectly into our Facebook existence. Similarly, the impact of Graph Search might seem too much to comprehend now but its full impact cannot be gauged until crash tested personally. Currently, Graph Search is still in Beta and there is time to clearly understand this concept and be better prepared to receive it. Follow our interactive posts on Tobocbiz and get set for the coming era.

See you soon with more.


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One Response to Facebook Graph Search- How is this gonna affect you?

  1. akashdwivedi says:

    It still not open for alI; I am eagerly waiting for this feature in my FB profile but I can it will be great to see the results of your search from your known people!

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