3 Sneak Peeks into Tobocbiz that’s coming this February…

Sneak peeks are always good isn’t it? Makes you seem special, a part of the inner circle. Well, at Tobocbiz you are always a superstar and the core of all our elaborate strategies to put your business on the map. We want you to feel like you have the inside information. So here’s what’s in store for Tobocbiz this February- and psst, this is one secret you can care to share.

Sneak Peek # 1…Saying it with a Video

Creative visualization hits home when an idea is presented as a catchy, breezy video. In February, the Tobocbiz landscape is gonna be enriched by a short introductory video that tells the story of what Toboc Biz can do for your business. Our in-house designer, and future great, Jothi is putting the final touches on this one. A precursor to more such short videos and maybe an inspiration to you, esteemed patron, of including a powerful yet fluffy informational video on your own website. Food for thought!

Creative visualisation

Sneak Peek # 2…Less Words, More Graphics

Apparently, the average website visitor reads less content and is more hooked to creative pieces known as ‘Infographics’-  basically a free flowing image that puts forth a concept through catchy phrases and correlating images. In the age of ‘Website Hotspots’ and  ‘AB Testing’, our research showed us the merits of building a Infographics heavy website. We are sure you will like it- it’s meant to be funny, convey a message and look really cute on our Facebook page. Bingo!


Sneak Peek # 3…We are going Responsive Web Designing

We all love our Smartphones, don’t we? Come February, you will love the Tobocbiz website on your Smartphones better. It’s this little wizardry that our master designer is cooking up in his chaotic corner at the office. Tobocbiz will now appeal to a whole new demographic with its rich, crisp presentation on a mobile screen. This development is the first step in our future endeavor- of building your business a website that appeals equally across all mediums. More value for your money.

Responsive Web Designing

These Sneak Peeks are just the teeny-tiny tip of the iceberg- the larger additions are tightly behind wraps, chalked out to the last detail amidst passionate meetings and discussions over tea and snacks at the cafeteria. The lord of Creative Visualization seems to have taken permanent lodgings at the Toboc Biz offices in Ulsoor, Bangalore. And we love having him/her around.

To quote a famous Chinese saying ‘A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step’. At Tobocbiz, we are just getting started.

Stay tuned…


About Tobocbiz

Are you an SME? Toboc Biz offers you Comprehensive Digital Marketing solutions that work for your Requirements, Setup and Budget. Get in touch to unleash the full potential of Inbound Marketing.
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