Social Media ROI, How to Measure It?

Every CMO’s nightmare. Lots of things happening – but where’s the ROI on this? – Is the million dollar question. Whether you’re a B2B, B2C or C2C portal – Social and Mobile is the future. On the Social front, there are 2 ways in which the efforts of a company could be classified and further studied in detail:

  1. Qualitative Efforts, Strategies & ROI
  2. Quantitative Efforts, Strategies & ROI

Social Media ROI

Ignore meaningless metrics like ‘number of followers’ etc.
A successful social media campaign includes the following aspects:

  • Building online brand presence
  • Strengthening online brand presence with already existing customers/clients (via Royalty programs)
  • Repositioning of brand (e.g. starting out as a Custom-Gift-E-Retailer to Apparel & Fashion e-Retailer now)
  • Community Management

Thus, a campaign objective should be defined when conceptualizing a campaign; and corresponding success metric(s) should be defined, which helps us in achieving a bigger Goal.

Measuring Qualitative Efforts:


Measuring Quantitative Efforts:


Different Social CRM platforms could be used to dig deep into Social Media campaign parameters and figure out Branding and Brand Identity Key Performance Indicators (KPI)s or metrics.


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